Changes in Journal Publishing
webinar tenuto da John Akeroyd, Principal Consultant, CIBER Research, Honorary Research Fellow, University College London, ad Aprile 2020, sui cambiamenti nel campo della pubblicazione dei periodici accademici e novità dei periodici elettronici. 

- Changes in Journal Publishinghanges in Journal Publishing (26':01")


The scholarly journal is changing. This presentation will provide an up‐to‐date review of the greatly changed landscape of scholarly journal publishing and identify the trends characterizing it. It will consider the attributes, novelty, and disruptive potential of different models, which range from improvements to the existing model to attempts at reconfiguration and transformation. The transition can be seen as falling into three categories: the first is enhanced models of the traditional scholarly journal, which typically encompasses enriched functionality that goes beyond the printed page whilst otherwise remaining wholly traditional; the second is innovative models, which aim at supporting the journal in performing its traditional roles through convention‐altering ways and the third is possible novel alternatives to the traditional journal, which represent a move towards entirely new modes of dissemination. This review shows that each of the models identified makes contributions to enriching the reporting and showcasing of scholarly output. They also make it more effective and more efficient

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